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Jumbo Stud Partitions Supply & Installation up to 20m high - PJS Solutions - Fire / Acoustic Partition Systems up to 20m high

Jumbo Stud Partitions to 20m high!!

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10 Year Warranty on "F" Series Partition Systems & Fire Certification up to 20m high!!

PJS Systems: Robust Severe Duty ~ High Acoustic Properties ~ Fire Rated Partitions Design & Installation

F120S 2 Hr Fire > 20m High


F60S 1 Hr Fire > 20m High


F30S 30 Min Fire > 20m High


CP120 2 Hr Fire High Bay Wall > 26m High

CP 120 High Bay Wall System by PJS Solutions Ltd

  CP60 1 Hr Fire High Bay Wall > 26m High

CP 120 High Bay Wall System by PJS Solutions Ltd

  FZ0S 0 Min Fire > 20m High




F60S 1 hour  - F120S 2 hour  -  F180S 3 hour  -   F240S 4 hour  - Acoustic Fire Partition System up to 20 metres high!!


CP60  1 hour - CP120 2 hour  - Acoustic Fire Partition System up to 26 metres high!!!!

PJS Solutions Systems "F30S", "F60S", F120S", "F180S" & "F240S" Installed throughout the UK up to 20m high backed by Warrington Certification.

We design our Industrial High Bay Walls to suit any building. We take in to account the wind pressure loadings, height of the wall, fire & acoustic ratings, building control requirements, building deflection up to 200mm both up and down, heavy industrial traffic effects, door openings etc.
Every project undertaken is engineered to ensure life time durability and robustness. Our Warrington back fire certificate will provide a 1 - 4 hr fire rating on our “F” series partitions up to 20m high. Our “F” series partitions systems come with a 10 year warranty and boast very good acoustic and thermal properties and can be supplied, installed & commissioned with a lead in time of 2 weeks from placing order.

We also fix Plasterboard Jumbo Stud Partitions that have failed as a result of being incorrectly designed and installed by standard dry lining contractors!!

Other Services

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 Demountable Partitioning


Fermacell Wall Lining by PJS Solutions

Fermacell Floors by PJS Solutions


Grid Ceilings by PJS Solutions

 Industrial Doors

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Personnel Door by PJS Solutions

PJS Sytems Window Frame

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  • Walls – Tough robust
  • Partitions – Fire rated, Severe duty, acoustic & thermal
  • Fire Protection – protecting timber and steel up to 4 hours
  • Ceilings - Fire rated, acoustic
  • Floors – Speed lay systems. Walk on time = 12hours from installation

Advantages of our Systems

  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Robust – Severe Rating
  • Fire Resistant Up To 4 Hours
  • High Acoustic Properties
  • High Lateral Strength
  • Speedy Installation
  • No Need to Use Plywood Backing
  • Only One Type of Board Needed
  • No Wet Trades Required
  • Wall heights up to 17m High


  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Structural Engineering


Our performance boards have so many advantages in many situations that it makes very good sense to utilise our systems in the following situations:

  • Sports Halls
  • Education
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial
  • Commercial  
  • Timber Frame
London 2012 Olympic Games 
Project at the ExCel Exhibition Centre  
Docklands - London 

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